Cristian Fechete’s photographs are extraordinary. The prints need to respect that and present the photography at the highest quality standards.

Therefore, all prints are made at an astonishing quality level by WHITEWALL laboratories in Germany.


The print medium for each particular photograph was carefully chosen, in order to emphasize the mood, tone and base idea of that photograph. Three print media types are used for that purpose:

  1. ultraHD Photo Print Under Acrylic Glass for vibrant, colorful and impressive captures.
  2. Metallic Print Under Acrylic Glass for stupendous moody and dark captures.
  3. Original Photo Print under Acrylic Glass using Ilford Monochrome state-of-the-art high-end paper of incredibly deep contrast and precise grayscale for jaw-dropping Black and White captures.

All prints come under crystal clear acrylic glass for gallery-grade look and depth, with sturdy aluminum dibond backing and are “ready-to-hang”.

Every print comes framed within a 15 mm thick black oak frame (for dark photos) or white maple frame (for light photos).


Each and every extraordinary print available for sale is a Limited Edition of only 15 pcs. Two pieces are Artist Proof.  The size, print medium, print quality, hanging options are not subject to change. 

Every print available for sale is carefully prepared and signed by the Author. A Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) with detailed information regarding the print, signed by the Author is released for every print sold. The CoA has an unique serial number registered with an online entity.



The specified prices for each and every print available for sale are subject to change depending on the number of pieces sold within a Limited Edition, variation of costs, etc. At the moment the prices change they will be updated on the site also.

The Seller has the right to select his customers and refuse offers from buyers he considers untrustworthy.

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